Graphic Design - 1996

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

This is what remains of my past life before teaching. I fell into my first job in graphic design in college and then worked as a Production Artist for Price Club, The Daily Transcript, San Diego Union Tribune, The Daily Californian (El Cajon), and the Santa Barbara News-Press. I went on to work as a Graphic Artist at International Male, Schindler Marketing, and Brubaker & Associates, before returning to SDSU for my teaching credential in Art/ESL. I also freelanced from my small apartment in San Diego on my first Mac. (Do you remember modems, AOL, and the little red truck on eWorld?)

I only had one negative experience freelancing in San Diego, but I quickly learned that I needed a detailed contract. With the countless changes requested on that job, I doubt I even made minimum wage.

I learned Photoshop and Illustrator at fast paced graphic design jobs with tight deadlines from 1988-1996, and never needed to take an Adobe course. I quickly became a hybrid of traditional and digital art in my teaching.

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