My photography often begins in a specific, physical space which has left a lasting impression. By exploring the outdoor landscape, I connect intimately to a place and the unfamiliar becomes known. I am transformed by a space as I enter
and move through it. Light, textures, sounds and the smells awaken me. Although sometimes people are nearby,
I prefer to exclude them from my images. Just as my mixed media process is meditative, so is my quiet experience
connecting to nature with my camera. 


The following selection of photographs (2015-2019) were shot with either an iPhone or Canon 7D. My digital photography began in 2003 with a Canon Powershot -  a different world from the plastic Diana camera (with 120 film and light leaks) and 35mm camera (with black and white film) of art school.


© 2019 by Mary C. Lee, Boulder, CO

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